Kendra has been teaching cello for the past 10 years. She has experience teaching students at varying levels and ages. Kendra currently teaches in the Danforth, at the St Joseph Parish, or out of her apartment studio near Greenwood station. It’s never too late to explore a new hobby, or musical passion. Rates are $70/hr, $50/45min and $40 for 30mins. Please use the contact page to discuss lesson times, and begin your experience with the cello.

Student Testimonies
"Kendra is a creative, flexible, and caring teacher. She helped me to play cello again after a stroke weakened my left hand. She carefully coached me through positioning, giving me exercises to strengthen the hand and fingers. And she also did far more: She helped me overcome my frustrations with the physical limitations by encouraging me to rediscover the joys of making music. She sent me tapes of the accompaniments to simple duets, so I could practice my part while hearing her play the accompaniments along with me on the tape. So even though Kendra is no longer in Montreal, her music remains with me, providing ongoing encouragement to keep up with my practice and providing a solid base for my new teacher to build on Kendra’s work. "
Roanne Weisman
"Fantastic - very talented
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Absolutely beautiful! We have received fantastic feedback from our guests today on how lovely the atmosphere was with your talent.

Our vision for a cellist for today’s event was on point!"
Rosa Martelli, Martelli Foods

"Kendra is a wonderful teacher. She has a solid knowledge of techniques and can always explain to me clearly. Having a lesson with her has always been an enjoyable experience.
She's patient and warm. We have made friends through our musical journey, most importantly, I definitely see my improvements!"
Diane Gu
"Kendra is a great cello teacher who explains everything really well. She is so experienced in teaching that she can always provide the most straight forward solution to every problem you have during practice.
I am really happy to have her as my cello teacher. "
Siyan Wang
Contact information for references is available upon request.